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Murder in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICAMurder and violent crimes in South Africa reached epidemic proportions since the ANC regime came into power during 1994. After more 20 years in power, the ANC regime have build up a track record. There are many untold stories, but what is really happening in South Africa and are there any solutions?

It is easy to conveniently look the other way when your own life is not threatened, but many people’s lives are at steak. Can the world really afford to sit back while so many countries were actively involved to ensure that the ANC, a former “terrorist” organisation, came into power of a nation who had several nuclear armament devices and was on the brink of entering the space race?

While the South African Police Services (SAPS) are responsible for law enforcement, they and ANC regime are frequently the subject of news headlines, but mostly for the wrong reasons.

Let’s investigate the causes, the present situation and potential solutions.

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Horror in South Africa

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Harding Murders: -30.583333, 29.883333
Paulpietersburg Murders: -27.416667, 30.816667